As you may have seen in previous posts, I along with my mom, Cristi and a group from “Pentru Voi”, we have been in Peniche, Portugal, at an International Conference for self-advocates.

For us it was a novel experience that has changed us, and what we saw there motivated us greatly.

There were three days in which we learned a lot by participating in workshops which have been held by self-advocates. Read more …


chisinau-2010 (16)

In November 2010, our group of self-advocates attended a Conference in Chisinau. During the Conference we had the pleasure of getting to know people, people whose life story has encouraged and motivated us .During the three-days of conference we shared our experiences, but at the same time we thought about what we could do for those who are in our situation. We also watched the video where we had heard other stories of other self-advocates from other countries. Although at the beginning was hard to tell our life stories after watching the videos we opened and we started talking about us and experiences through which we passed each. Read more …