A Saturday at Petro Vaselo

As organisers of ROVINHUD Wine Fair we want to learn more about wine, so recently we visited Petro Vaselo winery.

Petro Vaselo is a small wine cellar, which has very good wines and those who work there have passion for wine and people.

When we arrived to the wine cellar, Diana and Marco, the wine maker, welcomed us warmly with a smile, though it was very cold outside.

We didn’t had much time to think of the coldness beacause Marco beginned to make us a tour of the winery and told us how wine is produced.

We could saw how the different equipments look and for what are they used. After that we went in the cellar.

Once we got there we saw how it looks a press and the different barrels.

We found out from Diana that the harvest begins in the summer and ends in the late autumn, depending on the grape varieties.

We would have liked to see how the grapes are harvested, but who knows. We hope to come back in the summer.

We finished the tour with a small wine tasting and we finished our visit happy of the beautiful experience.

The wines that we tasted were: Bendis, Alb de Petro Vaselo, Roșu de Petro Vaselo, Ovaș.

Thank you Diana and Marco because you have sacrificed your Saturday for us and we have been able to understand better wine with your help. 

Raluca Popescu




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