EPSA meeting 2017

On 18th of November I was with my support person for 3 days at the EPSA Board meeting in Brussels.
EPSA is the European Platform of Self-Advocates with intellectual disabilities in Europe.

At the meeting attended self-advocates from 4 countries:
1. Croatia, 2. Romania, 3. Hungary, 4. Spain

On the first day we’ve known better each other and worked together on certain topics.
We worked on 2 teams and had to find 3 priorities for us.

The most important issues were:
1. Independent living and deinstitutionalization
2. Inclusive education and employment
3. Supported decision making and legal capacity.

On the 2nd day we figured out how we can work more effectively in our countries.
Whom we should address to solve our priorities.
At the end of this meeting we discussed about the Conference of self-advocates which will be held on November 2017.
We also discussed how we can make meetings on skype.
For me it was a very good experience because I started to understand EPSA better.

Elisabeta Moldovan



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