As you may have seen in previous posts, I along with my mom, Cristi and a group from “Pentru Voi”, we have been in Peniche, Portugal, at an International Conference for self-advocates.

For us it was a novel experience that has changed us, and what we saw there motivated us greatly.

There were three days in which we learned a lot by participating in workshops which have been held by self-advocates.

On the first day we attended a workshop called “Look, I’m on TV!”. Here we had the opportunity to learn what steps you should follow if you want to conduct a campaign for self-advocacy.

“How to start a group for self-advocacy” was the workshop that we attended on the 2 day. Here we found out what we can do when we want to form a group of self-advocacy.

“My story” was the last workshop in which we participated in the last day of the Conference. We learned how to tell our story through the media (radio, TV, internet, etc).

We can say that we learnt new things and they were helpful. But we had the opportunity to entertain . We have been sailing and these days were concluded with dancing and good vibes.


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