ROvinHUd wine fair 2016

Here we are at the end of the 3rd edition of the ROvinHUd wine fair 2016.

With each year that passes, ROvinHUd becomes more and more beautiful by the people who participate, those who held their masterclasses, exhibitors, volunteers and all those who worked hard for this event.
This years edition was beyond expectations.

Those who held masterclasses pro bono this year were : Elizabeth Gabay, Darrel Joseph, Luiz Alberto, Előd Ádám, László Bálint, Rod Smith, Primo Franco.

All of them have joined our cause, for which we thank them.

At the saloon all worked hard that everyone feel better and enjoy the exceptional wines.

Radu has given a glass of wine and a program of the event to visitors, Andreea, Cristina, Alina, Eli and Dana, have washed glasses, Tibi carried the ice on the hall for exhibitors, Simona has been at the wardrobe and Raluca, Cosmin and Andrei have checked bracelets. The pictures of the event have been ensured by Dan. Our mothers and sisters came to help also.

Also this year I could see for the first time a masterclass by Darrel Joseph about the Austrian wines and was wonderful.

It has been a successful edition and the profits this year will go for our campaigns on inclusive education.

We thank all those who have supported and made this edition a beautiful one.

See you in 2017!

Raluca Popescu





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