When the Tigers dream…

My name is Andreea, and I have a dream for the people of my city. My dream is to build a team that plays basketball from wheelchair.

But for you to understand where it all started, I began to participate in this great sport a few years ago when I played wheelchair basketball in Timisoara as part of the Motivation Foundation, on a project basis. The project lasted only one year, and I have not played since.

Although many years have passed, my soul still has a desire to play basketball. So, I came up with an idea, to create a wheelchair basketball team in Timisoara as it is the only city that does not have one.

The name of the team will be “Tigers of Banat”. Why? Well, because we want to show that we are capable winners and that we are strong. And last but not least because we are from Banat.
The team members may be people with and without disabilities.

During my experience as a wheelchair basketball player, I can say that sport helps you to become more confident and also shows that disability is not really what matters, but what matters is ABILITY.

My colleagues at “Ceva de Spus” (Something to Say) also believe in the same values, so this year they chose to support the team from the 2% of income tax. At present, we need six special wheelchairs for playing basketball. One chair costs about 2,000 euros. Basketball wheelchairs are special because the wheels are slightly inclined and a rear wheel is attached which does not let you fall.

If you directing the 2% of your income tax you can support our work to change the mentality of people with disabilities.
With your 2% you help us to make our dream possible!

The 2% form can be found here >

Thank you,
Andreea Herbei


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