When the wine tells its story

Although the 2016 Edition of the ROvinHUd wine fair ended, we already think of the one from 2017.

Moreover, we want to develop as beautiful as we can and to learn more about the mysteries of wine.
So that we, Ceva de Spus self-advocates, attended on Saturday on a training in wine tasting.
We have learned at what we need to be careful when we taste a wine.
At the beginning, we could see that there are many types of glasses from which we can taste. Some glasses are bigger, others are smaller depending on what we want to taste.
We also learned how to properly open a bottle of wine with the help of a corkscrew.

Once we have poured the wine into glasses, we could move to analyse it.

With the help of a white paper we could saw better the different colors of the wines. From pale to the strongest ones. In the light of this, we can figure out if the wine in the glass is a young one or not.
Then we could move to the olfactory analysis. Perhaps one of the most exciting things was to discover how the same wine poured into glasses can have different flavors for us, depending on our own knowledge and experience.

And last but not least we moved to the wine tasting.

The wines that we tasted were:
Crâmpoșie selecționată from Avincis Winery, Chardonnay Sophia from Carastelec Winery, Rose from Bauer Winery, Pinot noir Otarnița from Petro Vaselo Winery, Serendipity, Fetească neagră blended with Cabernet sauvignon form Et Cetera and a Tokaji Szamorodni.

If there is a conclusion following this training we could certainly say that every wine has its own story.
Whatever the wine we choose to taste, it is important to enjoy it in the company of our beloved ones, and to create the most beautiful memories together .

We just have created one ! :)
Thank you Zoli for sharing your knowledge with us! :)

Raluca Popescu


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