We are a group of self-advocates, persons with intellectual and physical disabilities. Self advocacy means to express our opinion and to talk about us.
We want people to understand our problems and to see that we can live a normal life too. We want people to respect us as we are. We do not want them to feel sorry for us.


We are a group of self-advocates who realised how important is to make our voices heard. Each story you’ll find here, is unique and special in it’s own way. We want to ecnourage you through our life testimonyes,and that’s why we decided to share them with you.

We choose to start this organisation having the goal to rise awarness on the society that we live ,regarding the difficulties a person with disabilities has to face. In the same time , giving you some positive examples of persons who overcomed their limits, and know they can live an ordinary life.

Our desire is to get respect, not pity. Together we can make a change in order to live in dignity, to be understood and respected, as every human deserves to be treated.

We are warmly welcoming you on our website!