Conference of the European Platform of Self-Present Organizations in Peniche

From 9 to 13 April Elisabeta Moldovan and Zoltan Szoverdfi participated to the conference of the European Platform of SelfAdvocates Organizations in Peniche, Portugal.
EPSA, in short, is a member of Inclusion Europe and is an organisation of people with intellectual disabilities.

Monday they arrived at 15 o’clock and visited a day care center for people with intellectual disabilities.
There they met with more disabled people from different countries in Europe.
They visited a mill where people with disabilities work with flour.
Eli loved the mill and the things people with intellectual disabilities do very much.
After the visit they went with the group of selfadvocates at the restaurant.

On Tuesday, they participated in a workshop on the abuse of women with intellectual disabilities.
Eli was interested in this subject. She liked to find out that abuses can be of several kinds.
The workshop held until 17 o’clock.
After the conference the selfadvocates with the support persons went to the hotel.
They had a free hour until dinner.
At 19:30 they went to dinner.

On Wednesday, self-deputies with intellectual disabilities and the support persons were taken with a bus to a school.
They continued with the topic of abuse against people with disabilities.
Eli held two workshops.
She worked on groups. Eli had a group of 10 people with whom she worked very well.
One of the workshops was about how selfadvocacy is in Romania.
The second workshop was about how to live in the community and not in residential institutions.
After lunch, they were three activities that Eli could choose from.

On Thursday, selfadvocates from different countries shared what activities they do in their countries in Europe.

Friday was the meeting of the EPSA leadership group. They discussed what they should do in Birmingham. Eli is in the EPSA board and participated in the talks.
Eli liked most of the conference that every organization was able to show what it did in the country it came from.
In Birmingham, at the World Congress, Eli will present her illustrated book about her life in institutions.

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