We have Something to Say at Flex

Between 17th – 19th October 2018 we participated at a disability awareness raising, organised at Flextronics. It was part of an international event in Flex, People with Disability Awareness Week. We were invited to be their partner in Timisoara this year.

Some of the members of our association met with the employees in two Flex locations in town. They presented and offered two books, Tell me Eli and the poem book of Dana Maier. They projected films about inclusion, community living and accesibility. Andreea, Eli, Martin and Cosmin talked with the employees about the activities of our association and our goals. They shared they experience as persons with disabilities and the challenges of everyday life.

On Friday, we organised a wine tasting for the employees, with Zoli’s help. Vineri, împreună cu Zoli, am organizat o degustare de vin pentru angajați. It was an aoccasion to know each other better and to show our abilities. We hope that we contributed at changing the attitude towards persons with disabilities.

We thank Flex for their collaboration!

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