Raising awareness activities at PLAI

Between 15-16 September 2018, took place PLAI Festival, a multicultural festival which offers the opportunity to meet new people, meet organizations who want to make their activities known and enjoy good music together.

Ceva De Spus Association is at its 6th participation at this festival. This year we participated with raising awareness activities such as:
- The Sandy Box / Pirates Treasure: Tied to the eye, the participant has to search in the box, find and identify the objects;
- Trail with a blind cane
- Climbing a ramp in a wheelchair
- Guess the spices – tied to the eyes, the participant smells and tastes different spices and foods in open recipients and has to guess what’s inside
- Basketball in a wheelchair

The ramp trial was a new one. At first sight it was accessible, and people said it was simple and they could climb alone using the wheelchair, but that was not the case. They were amazed because they couldn’t climb up but Tibi and Adi explained them. At first sight it seems accessible, but the inclination angle is too high. Most ramps in Timisoara are not accessible.

The sandbox trial is designed to make the little ones familiar. Covered to their eyes they have to find out what we hid under the sand, 50 money, a pen, eraser. It had a huge impact on the children.

Even if we are disabled, we can play as well any sport. The basketball test was reborn from Andreea and Andrei’s dream. Visitors could throw their basket from the special basketball chair.

At the white cane trial, we wanted to show how hard it is for blind people to travel through the city. Radu explained, from his viewpoint as blind, how difficult is for him .

The spice trial. We wanted to show how difficult it is for blind people to guess ingredients in the kitchen. Cristina and Eli explained to the people how hard it is for blind people to cook.

During those 2 days of PLAI, we succeeded to change the mentality about people with disabilities. Also, some people have been amazed how much power we have to overcome all the obstacles we face in life.

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