Self-advocates Conference 21-23 September 2018

It was held in Hungary, in Szarvas, in an accessible hotel center. We all enjoyed the fresh, quiet and relaxing air, but we also worked.

On Friday, as we arrived we made the first bath in the thermal pool and it was great. Meanwhile we made the accommodation and we went to the first session which was team work, but not anyway, but with our belly full of goodies, such as cold apricot soup or forest fruits – the best and most delicious dishes . In the first afternoon we organized 3 groups of 5 people with the task of identifying leisure alternatives. We chose at least 3 locations where we can spend our free time on Saturday afternoon.

Day 2 began with breakfast, and after came the second working session, where we all said why we are in Ceva De Spus. After that, we had an introduction about inclusion, a click happened and we cried because we remembered how many labels people put us.In the afternoon we spent our free time as we wanted.
On Sunday we discussed the organization’s action plan by the end of the year, and we made the conference evaluation. It was very short, but yet very beautiful.

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