In November 2010, our group of self-advocates attended a Conference in Chisinau. During the Conference we had the pleasure of getting to know people, people whose life story has encouraged and motivated us .During the three-days of conference we shared our experiences, but at the same time we thought about what we could do for those who are in our situation. We also watched the video where we had heard other stories of other self-advocates from other countries. Although at the beginning was hard to tell our life stories after watching the videos we opened and we started talking about us and experiences through which we passed each.

We saw that we are not alone and that together we can make a better world for us and those around us. How could conclude otherwise these days than in a cheerful way? We laughed, made many pictures, but most importantly we left with the hope and desire in the soul that one day someone will hear us. Because we certainly have SOMETHING TO SAY.

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