A small step, for a big change!

You meet Raluca Popescu on the occasion of the Festival for People with Disabilities(1218 votes received and thus finishing on the second place). You have seen her story in which she tell us about the beauty and difficulties of her life day by day, about College, her colleagues ,about her dreams

About Raluca you have to know that she can only use the left hand fingers, making her need for assistance to be dependent 24 hours per day on a person which is her mother at this moment.

Now we would like to present you another extraordinary person and a company which will make a change. It is about Mr. Hidi Tiberiu, General Manager of Saguaro Net, a company of Timișoara which operates under the umbrella of Saguaro Technology. This company has decided to finance the whole creation or purchase of the device that will help Raluca to move all her left arm.

For most of us, those without disabilities, is natural to eat alone, to wash our teeth, to brush our hair, to drink a cup of water, to write, to draw, to use our hands. Thanks to this sponsorship we hope that soon all these activities will transform from the impossible to banality for Raluca also.

Thank you Saguaro Technology!

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