Community ,not institutions

I am Moldovan Elisabeta, I have 35 and I am co-president at “Ceva de Spus” Association in Timisoara, Romania. I grew up 23 years in different institutions and from 2003 I’ve started living in protected houses, preparing myself for community. Now I live on my own in a rented apartment and I enjoy it allot. I can say that since I got out from institutions, I’ve learnt many new things which I had no idea how to do them before. I’ve learnt to pay my bills alone, to read my water gauce, to do shopping. In institutions no one taught us and let us do these things. I feel good now that I am on my own, I can invite my friends and I can take my own decisions. Living independent makes me feel good about myself.

In institution life is cruel, people are beated, forcely fed, physically and sexually agressed .When they saw you nervous you are sedated all the time. Instead of nicely asking you to do thinks, they force you, your personal things are stolen from you and your basic needs are neglected, you can take shower only once a week and wear good clothes only during inspections. Older colleagues steal your food  they lock you in the basement whenever you do something wrong and overall you . You can’t decide anything.

I also would like to say that every person with disabilities can live in support houses because they have great potential, can learn and do many things which people think they cannot do.Usually they think that persons with disabilities are are not capable to do something but they have no opportunity to show what they are capable of.

Many employees from orphanages and institutions told me that I can’t do  things but I’ve said to myself that I can do more than what they think.

I went, with a few collegues from our institutions, at Mihăilești where I worked as a volunteer to build a house for people with disabilities who got out from institutions.

I think that every person needs a house and a familly . I went unpatient to help with the construction and as soon as I arrived  I took the rollerstrip and I started working.

I worked good with volunteers  and I was proud to do this because I think we all need a house and a family. It was good to see how much soul people put for this big and beautiful  house.

I think that building houses for people coming from institutions is a priority as every person has the right to live in community. Romanian State should give money for houses or rents for persons with disabilities.

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