When the wish come true

Last year we started with a wish: to have an accessible minibus so necessary for us to continue our activities and to have a better mobility.

After almost a year from the last ROvinHUd Salon, our wish came true.

So that on Thursday we had a great reason to celebrate. We made the official launching of our bus! J Even the weather was by our side for it was clear and sunny.

We made a short demonstration on how the minibus works, and in that moment a smile appeared on our faces and our eyes began to glow with happiness.

A happiness in which so many people believed and showed their support.

To you we want to open our heart today and say a heartfelt: THANK YOU!

Without you, beautiful people who showed your support our desire would have not come true.

You’ve shown us that it is worth it to dream, and to continue to fight.

When people COME close to us we are happy!

Raluca Popescu

Conference in Barcelona

On 7th of June, I was with my support person, Zoli in Barcelona.
At the conference attended our donor’s partner organizations.
Our donor is called Open Society Mental Health Initiative.
The theme of the Conference was how to tell a story using pictures.
At the conference I learned new things about the pictures and how to make a better website.
At the conference I told Dan’s story.
I also presented Raluca’s video about accessibility.
In my free time I visited Barcelona.
I was on a bus tour of the city.
I visited the Museum of wine, with old wine objects they used to work with, several years ago.
I danced the last evening with colleagues at a restaurant.
I saw that the city is very accessible for people with disabilities.
They had ramps, elevators to the underground, accessible taxis, and very low kerbs for people with disabilities.
The conference lasted 5 days.
I felt very good because I was included in all the activities and in the community.

Elisabeta Moldovan

Muntele Mic – the place where BIG wishes are being fulfilled

Until now, climbing the mountain for me seemed something impossible, but my desire to see it at least once close, stayed there, unspoken. So the moment when I found out that it will be a small expedition to climb the mountain, I knew that I didn’t want to miss such an opportunity.

This Saturday, Dan, Simona and I, we had the opportunity to get rid of the heat from the city and to cool our bodies and souls on Muntele Mic, together with 35 volunteers .

I have to admit, on the bus, in my mind I was wondering: “is it really possible?” “I’m going to succeed?”

Later, my doubts were blown away when I met those who had to bear the brunt with us and accompany us throughout the route. We became friends right away and I had the feeling that we have known for a long time. I liked that they treated us natural.

We divided into teams,I had the wheelchair-bound by rope and so we started climbing 5 km on the mountain. When the route became far too difficult, I climbed into the harness and I was carried back another 2 km.

Once we got up, the joy was great and I felt that all the effort was worth it.

I left there very happy, with a new wish: I wish that more and more people with disabilities can live what I lived in community!

Thanks to everyone for their efforts!

Raluca Popescu

Second episode

Viva friends from Romania!

There comes the time came when I can tell you what happened in those 2 weeks.

Since I didn’t written, it rained, now it’s really nice outside and sunny and we get ready for Braga, a Roman festival, searched in the region.

I am very pleased to announce that Saturday I was on Esdadio Municipal de Braga. There was a football match between Braga vs. Maritimo. It was a very beautiful match but sadly ended disappointing for Braga. What was really nice was that the vice- president of the Municipal Chamber of Braga took us with his personal car. I had a V.I.P. treatment .We enjoyed very much this opportunity.


A Sunday full of adventures at Opera

Palm Sunday was rainy and cold. However, we have not left the ugly weather to intimidate us and we went to see Cavalleria rusticana performance at Opera.

It was an interesting experience for us, but we have to admit: We had many adventures! :)

For example, at the entrance to the Opera it was a steep ramp that I could hardly climb it because it was wet.

The space between the doors was very narrow. So I can get into the building but also in the auditorium, I always clenched a door at the wheel.

Although we have asked for help to be able to get into the Auditorium, I didn’t get any help from lack of ushers. Thus, we had to manage on our own.

Because the building wasn’t accessible the wheelchair was lifted up 1 floor untill the auditorium. Later, we had to find out that the firemen were called to assist in lifting the seat. It was no longer needed, because I was already in the auditorium. :)

In the auditorium I sat on the last lines. The space was so narrow that the wheelchair didn’t fit much forward. The wheelchair stood in the downgrade which gave me a state of discomfort throughout the entire performance. Visibility was poor enough to where I stood, the seat in front of me was empty, and this is how I managed to see something on the stage.

To be able to go to the bathroom I climbed some stairs. The door was very narrow and the wheelchair got in very hard. Sinks also were placed too high to be able to get to wash my hands.

For Eli has been hard to realize where to leave the coat, or see where was the bathroom. There were no posters to help her to be able to orient, showing her where to go to let the clothes or at the toilet. In the auditorium she did not know where is her seat or when the performance ends. The information was very hard to understand for a person with intellectual disability. Pictograms and a brief description of the program in easy to understand language would have helped much.

The absence of a balustrade was also a problem. For Dana was hard to climb stairs without a balustrade.

Neither for Simona hasn’t been easy. Doors in the auditorium were always sliding and she needed to beware not to get clashed.

Such problems should not exist when it comes to ACCESS to culture. We want to find the best solutions to the problems and people with disabilities to be able to enjoy a performance without obstacles.

Raluca Popescu

Timotion – a beautiful experience

Here’s that came up the expected day of April 25, when 1,200 people were moved in together at Timotion!

Eli, Dana, Lavinia, Simona and Anca participated in the race for novices and Andrei, Andreea and I, attended the race Fun on wheels!

With each 3,2,1 until the start of the racing our heartbeat and enthusiasm became more and more powerful! To see so many happy people that move and encouraged each other during races when “signs” of fatigue were beginning to feel, was very pleasant.

We had the opportunity with the same excitement to shake the hand and to thank those who raced for us, supporting our project Our rights comprehensible to everyone! We are overwhelmed to see how many brilliant people were mobilized for us, and with their help we managed to raise the sum of 4,680 RON.

That amount will be used for the printing of the UN Convention regarding the rights of persons with disabilities, in the form of brochures, translated into easy to understand language for people with intellectual disability in Timișoara.

Our beautiful experience ended on the song of the Queen band: We are the champions! We felt true champions! We suceeded once again to overcome our limits and to show that we have Something to Say!
Thank you Timotion for the beautiful experience and everyone who supported us in our fight!

Raluca Popescu

START Mobility 4 Disability

Lately, we are vhaery impressed to see how many beautiful people join our battle.
Such is the case of our friends, Ovidiu and Adi who were always beside us, carrying our awareness messages, on the heights.
This time they were with us from the ground.
This weekend they will run for us under the slogan: ‘’Start Mobility 4 Disability’’!
Because we want to have a better mobility, it wasn’t hard to choose this slogan.
We will wait them at the finish line, and then we will have dinner.
No matter if we are running or not, one thing is important : to CONTINUE the fight!

Thank you:
Ovidiu Iusan
Adrian Andras
Sponsor CAF Outdoor Sport Equipment, Clubul Sportiv Universitar „Politehnica Timisoara”, Diesel Fitness Miscare la Înălțime, and not last Ms Simona Dinculescu.

#When people come together at ROvinHUd Salon

From 14 – 16 of November 2014, Ceva de Spus had a 3 days event at Hotel Timisoara.
The event was with wine tasting.
In those 3 days attended exhibitors and people who love wine.
Ceva de Spus members together with volunteers helped to wash the glasses,sold tickets, checked out the bracelets, gave glasses and notebooks with the program.
Professionals had also workshops on wine.
At this event came from England Mrs.Jancis Robinson with Nicholas Lander.
Mrs Jancis, is a specialist in wine tasting.
On the 2 day we had a dinner with people who wanted to bid on wines and 2 books of Jancis Robinson and Nicholas Lander.
We’ve known new people and we have made new friends.
Our colleague Geanina had a fashion show with dresses created by her.
Models held in their hand a glass of wine.
All the profit will be used to have an accessible minibus.
The event was successful and we thank those who have supported Ceva de Spus.

in our days, there are few people who make from their passon something extraordinary. Not only for them but also for the people around .
From the passion was born ROvinHUd Saloon!
An event organized by volunteers and 10 self-advocates from Ceva de Spus.
An event with good taste, where wine lovers have been able to enjoy and learn from the best specialists of the world.
An important presence was Mrs. Jancis Robinson, Master of Wine, Royal Advisor for Queen Elizabeth II. She had a masterclass, together with the best experts from the wine world.We enjoyed and felt honored by their presence.
During thsose 3 days, we helped to wash the glasses ,sold tickets, checked out the bracelets ,changed the ice for exhibitors, we split glasses, and notebooks with program. We were demanding because we wanted quality in everything.
Saturday night dinner was very emotional for us. The auction was with exceptional wines and our colleague Geanina Bolba presented her collection Cameleon. Models had a bottle of wine in their hands. The room was filled with ovations and admiration!
Then, with an overwhelming emotion we were talking about Ceva de Spus and our struggle to make our voices heard.
We like to think that once again we suceed to breake down barriers, to go beyond our own limits, and through wine to unite extraordinary people!
#Whenpeoplecometogheter we wrote: RESPECT, ABILITY,QUALITY at ROvinHUd Saloon!
Thank you for everything!

Popescu Raluca

ROvinHUd Saloon for Ceva de Spus

We are very active in our struggle to have a better life and this makes us very happy.

To make our voices heard is the first important step in our work as self-advocates.

And so we did it,starting with the regular meetings with self-advocates, self-advocacy groups already developed in the country, participation at national and international conferences.

When we pulled the line, and we looked behind us, we couldn’t believe how much distance we made during this time.

It wasn’t easy ,especially because of the inaccessible environment. Many times, we were lifted up to can get in the train, or denied on the small planes for safety reasons.

A minibus accessible we would make your work easier and more efficient in our travels and for our members, in order to be able to reach the weekly meetings where we learn our rights and how to make our voices heard. Also an accessible minibus will help us to have a better mobility.

Thus, from 14-16 November, will be held at Hotel Timisoara, a unique event and of very high quality. ROvinHUd Saloon, a place where wine lovers will be able to enjoy quality wines and will be able to learn from the best specialists of the world.

At this event will attend also Mrs. Jancis Robinson, one of the most famous and respected wine critics in the world.

Once again, through the wine, we will be able to be more close to each-other.

We show that any obstacle can be broken more easily, when beautiful people join our fight to change mentalities, in order to have a better life!

Thank you to all for your support!

We invite you on 14-16 November at ROvinHUd Saloon, Hotel Timisoara!

More details at www.salonul.net

Raluca Popescu

Meeting at Geneva

On the 19 of September I was at Geneva to a meeting about the right of persons with disabilities to live in community.

The meeting was at the United Nation Office.

The meeting lasted two hours.

We met up with several people with disabilities from various countries in Europe.

We discussed the article 19 of the UN Convention on the rights of people with disabilities, protected homes, about life in institutions and supported living..

We discussed about how a support person should be and that everyone has the right to choose a personal assistant.

All people with disabilities agreed that it is best to live in the community.

After the meeting we walked into the town and we were on Geneva’s lake.

In the evening we went to the restaurant with John Evans.

He is member in ENIL board. We discussed about what Europe’s governments should do for people with disabilities.

The next day we walked into town and visited many beautiful places.

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