Europe in Action 2017

First to the third of June, Europe in Action Conference took place.
Inclusion Europe organised the conference.
The conference was held in Prague.
The conference theme was Love, life and friendship.
Eli and her supporter joined the conference.

Maureen Piggot, the president of Inclusion Europe had an opening speech.
Senada Halilcevic, president of EPSA, self-advocate from Croaţia spoke about friendship.
300 professionals, self-advocates and supporters from all over Europe attended the conference.
Proffessionals and self-advocates delivered presentations related to the topic of the conference.
There were several workshops participants could attend.
Eli had a presentation on the topic of Friendships for people with disabilities raised in residential institutions.

Self-advocates from EPSA had their General Meeting.
EPSA’s president presented the activity report.
Self-advocates presented their associations and their work.
Self-advoates elected a new board.
Eli was elected in the board for two more years.
She will lead EPSA together with another 4 self-advocates from Europe.








In the vineyard without barriers

In weekend people usually tend to be lazy. Well, not in our case because on 29th of April we spent a lovely Saturday at Aramic and Thesaurus wineries.

2 minibuses left Timisoara filled with wine lovers and volunteers of ROVINHUD wine fair.

The first stop was Aramic winery. We were greeted with a smile by Adalbert, the winemaker. He started to make us the tour of the cellar and then led us to vines.

We talked with him about shoots and work in the vineyard, but what impressed me most was the moment when he sat down at the same level of our wheelchairs to explain us better. For us, wheelchair users, it is very important to be able to carry a conversation at the same level, not just because it is comfortable but also is a sign of equality.

From the vineyard we went directly to the wine cellar, where we could saw the pressing machines, coolers and all the equipment they use in winemaking. We have tasted the following wines: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Muscat Ottonel, Rose, Merlot. They were all good! J

After 2 hours of talks and tastings, we took a delicious lunch and the terrace began to be filled with our laughter, a sign that although the group was made up of people with or without disabilities, it managed once again to cross any barriers.

After we headed to Thesaurus Wines where we were welcomed by Paul who also took us to the vineyard and told us about the wine cellar. I loved it so much that both in the vineyard and not only, we supported each other and we were mindful of the needs of those next to us.

We went to an elegant tasting room where we delighted our senses with the following wines: Italian Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Ottonel, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon. I had also a new experience when I first tasted sea buckthorn brought by Paul. J

Before I left, I took a few moments to quietly admire the view of the vineyard and to breath the fresh air. I wanted to treasure in my heart the memory of a wonderful and inclusive day in which we managed to get closer to each other with the help of the wine.

We are grateful to Aramic and Thesaurus Wines for their hospitality! J

Raluca Popescu












When the Tigers dream…

My name is Andreea, and I have a dream for the people of my city. My dream is to build a team that plays basketball from wheelchair.

But for you to understand where it all started, I began to participate in this great sport a few years ago when I played wheelchair basketball in Timisoara as part of the Motivation Foundation, on a project basis. The project lasted only one year, and I have not played since.

Although many years have passed, my soul still has a desire to play basketball. So, I came up with an idea, to create a wheelchair basketball team in Timisoara as it is the only city that does not have one.

The name of the team will be “Tigers of Banat”. Why? Well, because we want to show that we are capable winners and that we are strong. And last but not least because we are from Banat.
The team members may be people with and without disabilities.

During my experience as a wheelchair basketball player, I can say that sport helps you to become more confident and also shows that disability is not really what matters, but what matters is ABILITY.

My colleagues at “Ceva de Spus” (Something to Say) also believe in the same values, so this year they chose to support the team from the 2% of income tax. At present, we need six special wheelchairs for playing basketball. One chair costs about 2,000 euros. Basketball wheelchairs are special because the wheels are slightly inclined and a rear wheel is attached which does not let you fall.

If you directing the 2% of your income tax you can support our work to change the mentality of people with disabilities.
With your 2% you help us to make our dream possible!

The 2% form can be found here >

Thank you,
Andreea Herbei


A Saturday at Petro Vaselo

As organisers of ROVINHUD Wine Fair we want to learn more about wine, so recently we visited Petro Vaselo winery.

Petro Vaselo is a small wine cellar, which has very good wines and those who work there have passion for wine and people.

When we arrived to the wine cellar, Diana and Marco, the wine maker, welcomed us warmly with a smile, though it was very cold outside.

We didn’t had much time to think of the coldness beacause Marco beginned to make us a tour of the winery and told us how wine is produced.

We could saw how the different equipments look and for what are they used. After that we went in the cellar.

Once we got there we saw how it looks a press and the different barrels.

We found out from Diana that the harvest begins in the summer and ends in the late autumn, depending on the grape varieties.

We would have liked to see how the grapes are harvested, but who knows. We hope to come back in the summer.

We finished the tour with a small wine tasting and we finished our visit happy of the beautiful experience.

The wines that we tasted were: Bendis, Alb de Petro Vaselo, Roșu de Petro Vaselo, Ovaș.

Thank you Diana and Marco because you have sacrificed your Saturday for us and we have been able to understand better wine with your help. 

Raluca Popescu




EPSA meeting 2017

On 18th of November I was with my support person for 3 days at the EPSA Board meeting in Brussels.
EPSA is the European Platform of Self-Advocates with intellectual disabilities in Europe.

At the meeting attended self-advocates from 4 countries:
1. Croatia, 2. Romania, 3. Hungary, 4. Spain

On the first day we’ve known better each other and worked together on certain topics.
We worked on 2 teams and had to find 3 priorities for us.

The most important issues were:
1. Independent living and deinstitutionalization
2. Inclusive education and employment
3. Supported decision making and legal capacity.

On the 2nd day we figured out how we can work more effectively in our countries.
Whom we should address to solve our priorities.
At the end of this meeting we discussed about the Conference of self-advocates which will be held on November 2017.
We also discussed how we can make meetings on skype.
For me it was a very good experience because I started to understand EPSA better.

Elisabeta Moldovan



When the wine tells its story

Although the 2016 Edition of the ROvinHUd wine fair ended, we already think of the one from 2017.

Moreover, we want to develop as beautiful as we can and to learn more about the mysteries of wine.
So that we, Ceva de Spus self-advocates, attended on Saturday on a training in wine tasting.
We have learned at what we need to be careful when we taste a wine.
At the beginning, we could see that there are many types of glasses from which we can taste. Some glasses are bigger, others are smaller depending on what we want to taste.
We also learned how to properly open a bottle of wine with the help of a corkscrew.

Once we have poured the wine into glasses, we could move to analyse it.

With the help of a white paper we could saw better the different colors of the wines. From pale to the strongest ones. In the light of this, we can figure out if the wine in the glass is a young one or not.
Then we could move to the olfactory analysis. Perhaps one of the most exciting things was to discover how the same wine poured into glasses can have different flavors for us, depending on our own knowledge and experience.

And last but not least we moved to the wine tasting.

The wines that we tasted were:
Crâmpoșie selecționată from Avincis Winery, Chardonnay Sophia from Carastelec Winery, Rose from Bauer Winery, Pinot noir Otarnița from Petro Vaselo Winery, Serendipity, Fetească neagră blended with Cabernet sauvignon form Et Cetera and a Tokaji Szamorodni.

If there is a conclusion following this training we could certainly say that every wine has its own story.
Whatever the wine we choose to taste, it is important to enjoy it in the company of our beloved ones, and to create the most beautiful memories together .

We just have created one ! :)
Thank you Zoli for sharing your knowledge with us! :)

Raluca Popescu


ROvinHUd wine fair 2016

Here we are at the end of the 3rd edition of the ROvinHUd wine fair 2016.

With each year that passes, ROvinHUd becomes more and more beautiful by the people who participate, those who held their masterclasses, exhibitors, volunteers and all those who worked hard for this event.
This years edition was beyond expectations.

Those who held masterclasses pro bono this year were : Elizabeth Gabay, Darrel Joseph, Luiz Alberto, Előd Ádám, László Bálint, Rod Smith, Primo Franco.

All of them have joined our cause, for which we thank them.

At the saloon all worked hard that everyone feel better and enjoy the exceptional wines.

Radu has given a glass of wine and a program of the event to visitors, Andreea, Cristina, Alina, Eli and Dana, have washed glasses, Tibi carried the ice on the hall for exhibitors, Simona has been at the wardrobe and Raluca, Cosmin and Andrei have checked bracelets. The pictures of the event have been ensured by Dan. Our mothers and sisters came to help also.

Also this year I could see for the first time a masterclass by Darrel Joseph about the Austrian wines and was wonderful.

It has been a successful edition and the profits this year will go for our campaigns on inclusive education.

We thank all those who have supported and made this edition a beautiful one.

See you in 2017!

Raluca Popescu





Annual conference of self-advocates 2016

The weekend 7-9 October has been a pleasant and useful one for us because it has taken place the Annual Conference of Self-advocates.

Since we want that we, self-advocates, to send our message as good as possible, the theme of the conference was communication.

On the first day we did knowledge activities and we felt very well.

On the 2 Day, Dana Maier has taught us about the verbal communication and Cosmin Milos about the non-verbal.

After-meal Simona Smultea has taken a very interesting workshop about labels. We had very good discussions that made us be aware how important it is not to judge after the first impression.

Then Radu Vasile told us about the body language and to what we must be careful when we interact with people around us.

The last day began with the workshop held by Raluca Popescu and Andreea Herbei on efficient communication. We understood how much matters efficient communication when we’re campaigning for accessibility and our rights.

There were 3 days of work, self-advocacy and fun.

Raluca Popescu








General assembly 2016

There are important moments in which we have to stop and look toward the future.

Saturday we did this together and we can say that it has been an important day in the life of our association because we had a General Assembly .
With this occasion it was presented the activity report on 2016 which was approved unanimously by all the members of the association.

It was then on presentation of the applications and the brave 7 which they have wanted to carry on the hard work of the Association over the next 2 years have been:
Elisabeta Moldovan, Simona Smultea ,Andreea Herbei, Dana Maier, Radu Vasile, Lăcrămioara Crainic and Cosmin Miloș.

After the elections, those who will go further with the work are:
Simona Smultea and Elisabeta Moldovan – co-presidents
Dana Maier And Andreea Herbei – vice-president
Cosmin Milos – secretary

We also have made plans for the next years and the fact is that the hard work only now begins. :)
We wish to congratulate all candidates and the new members of’ the board we wish them success.
We trust that they will make a good job in the fight for a better life for all people with disabilities!

Raluca Popescu





Bega Bulevard 2016

The Bega Bulevard 2016 found us cheerful and with interesting activities designed to bring us closer to those who wanted to stop at our stand.

For 2 days, we met beautiful people who have chosen to say yes to our challenges.

The socks challenge was funny but very useful because people have been in the skin of a sightless person. They were bound to their eyes and they had to pair more socks.

The troubled bottle also gave a hard time to participants because they had to open a bottle with one hand, without the help of anything else. Many people have told us that was difficult and that was a true test of patience.

And because we want a Timisoara accessible to all we were eager to find out how people would like to be their town.

Dana’s poems and bracelets made by Eli have been a joy for all those who visited our stand.

All these activities were inspired by the real situations which are part of our life. At the end of activities participants encouraged us and we hope that they are more aware that we must appreciate everything we have and to enjoy every moment of our life.

We finished these days with a well-deserved boating walk.

Raluca Popescu







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